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Our Story

Connecting people with the flavors of nature


Our mission 

Is to build a place with purpose. We welcome and celebrate each other for who we are. We know empathy, integrity, and discipline can create unbreakable bonds in a team intentionally created to transform our workplace into a community. We are a locally run eatery with the dream to share the real food we love, with the city we love. Serving food and drinks to nourish and inspire the people. We are passionate about bringing locally sourced produce in a sustainable way and organic whenever possible. 


Our Values

We commit our energy, passion, and time to bring to Bakersfield a better way to operate a restaurant, our primary goal is to make you feel good about what you’re eating, where you are and the people you are supporting. 



We believe plant-positive and organic food is better for your health and the environment. We understand the importance of an anti-inflamatory diet, therefore we mostly use avocado and olive oil. We are excited to be part of a larger earth-friendly movement and resource our products locally as much as we can.



True inclusivity in the workplace is an ongoing practice that unites ethical management and high performance. We recognize the benefits of an inclusive workforce and see it as an organizational strength. 

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